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Mineral Foundation, Veils & Concealers

Pure & Natural Mineral Foundation Made From Crushed Naturally Ocurring Minerals And Iron Oxide Pigments For Colouring Made With Skin Calming Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients Which Are Easy To Apply, And As Contain Naturally Occuring  Minerals Not Synthetic Ingredients They Will Not Block Your Pores Or Harbour Bacteria.
With The Healing And Skin Soothing Properties From The Minerals Themselves,
And Natural UVA & UVB Protection From The Sun. 
They Will Cover Redness Associated From Rosacea, Pigmentation & Age Spots, Acne & Skin Imperfections.
Earth Minerals Mineral Foundation Make-Up Only Contains 5 Ingredients These Are,
Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Allantoin & Iron Oxide Pigments.

We Would Never Use Synthetic Fillers Or Food Grade Ingredients, Only Inert Minerals That Are Known To Benefit The Skin
Our Mineral Foundation & All Our Mineral Make-Up Does Not And Will Not Contain, Bismuth Oxychloride, Silicones,
Or Talc, Which Are Known To Block The Skins Pores And Cause Breakouts.
And Does Not And Will Not Contain Food Grade Ingredients As Fillers Like, Zea Mays ( Corn Starch Flour )
Tapioca Rice Flour, As These Harbour Bacteria So Can Cause Breakouts, And Have A Short Shelf Life.
Inert Minerals Do Not Block Pores Or Cause Breakouts, And Have Beneficial Properties To Wearing Them On The Skin, And As They Can Not Harbour Bacteria, They Have An Indefinate Shelf Life.
We Do Not Use Micronized Or Nano Particles Ingredients Either.

Our Mineral Foundation Comes In Several Shades In A Tab Seal Sifter Jar.

We Also Have A Yellow Colour Correcting Concealer Powder & Liquid Concealer Serum Skin Tone Neutralising Primers
Concealer Powder In Mini, Medium Or XL Sifter Jars & Liquid Concealer Serum
These Neutralising Skin Colour Base Powder Primer & Serum
Are Great For Covering Redness In The Skin, 
Rosacea, Acne Sufferers & Pigmentation Spots Are Covered Up & Toned Down
As Yellow Neutralises Red To Give Your Skin A Neutral Skin Tone Fair Base
These Colour Correcting Concealers Have Been Formulated To Help Neutralise The Skin Tone
For A Neutral Base When Used As A Skin Primer Before Applying Any Mineral Foundation Or Make Up.
Redness In The Skin Can Usually Be Hard To Tone Down And Can Often Lead To An Unwanted Look
Using These Concealers Will Do That, Whilst Being Kind To The Sensitive Skin Underneath.
This Is A Very Economical Concealer Base, And Very Little Is Required.

We Also Do Oil Blotting Finishing / Mineral Setting Veil ( Classic Or Tinted ) 
And Mineral Colour Correcting Concealers, And Blushers ( Carmine Free, For Happy Beetles )

All Our Formulations Are Carmine Free, And Are Animal Friendly, We Say No To Animal By-Products.
Vegan Friendly & Vegetarians Can Use All Our Products Too

Earth Minerals Mantra, " What Goes On Your Skin, Goes In Your Skin " 
Proudly Made By Hand In The UK

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