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Pure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum Moisture Lock 10ml
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Pure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum Moisture Lock 10ml Pure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum Moisture Lock 10ml Pure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum Moisture Lock 10ml Pure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum Moisture Lock 10ml

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum Moisture Lock 10ml

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Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum In A 10ml Clear Glass Bottle With White Lid & Plastic Rollerball Insert Dispenser 
So You Can Either Choose You Use With Or Without A Rollerball, To Aid Rolling The Product Over The Skin & Not Using Too Much.
Hyaluronic Acid Is Also Known As Hyaluron, Hyaluronate Or H.A
Hyaluronic Face Serum Has A Gel Like Water Appearance That Acts As A Space Filler & Cushioning Agent In Our Skin.
 Hyaluronic Is Found Naturally In Our Body It Cushions Joints, Nerves, Hydrates Skin & Hair And Fills Our Eyes.
It Can be Found In Virtually Every Part of Our Body, Scientific Studies Have Shown H.A Improves Skin Hydration 
& Stimulates The Production Of Collagen In Our Skin.
Hyaluronic Acid Is Considered More Important Than Collagen.
It Has A Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory Properties Which is Great For Troubled & Acne Prone Skin.
Acting As A Antioxidant For The Skin & Repairs Free Radical Damage, And Maintains Skin Elasticity.
Almost Half Our Bodies Hyaluronic Acid Is Located In The Collagen Level Of Our Skin, 
As We Get Older We Lose Hyaluronic In Our Skin, So As We Lose H.A With Age, 
We Lose Collagen In Our Skin And Slackness & Fine Lines Can Appear.
Hyaluronic Has The Abilty To Hold 1000 times It's Own Weight In Water 
Within The Cells Of The Skin, Just Like A Sponge.
No Other Biological Substances Can Retain As Much Water As H.A Resulting In Increased Smoothness,
Skin Softening, And Decreased Wrinkles.
With The Ability To Remove Waste Matter From The Skins Cells Revealing A Smoother Skins Surface
Which Is Great For Acne Prone Skin & Those Who Suffer From Enlarged Pores & Oily Skin. 
Making It An Excellent Moisturiser & Fine Line Plumper,
Moisture & Keeping The Skin Hydrated Deep Within The Layers Of The Epidermis 
To Maintain Our Skin Looking Firm, Plumped & Youthful.
Is Hyaluronic Acid Really An Acid, No, It is Actually A Sodium, Salt.
Hyaluronic Acid Is A Humectant In Skincare, Meaning It Draws Water To The Skin & Increases Water Content
Of The Epidermis ( Outer Layer Of Your Skin ) 
When Applied To Your Skin It
* Increases Your Skins Moisture Content
* Helps Prevent Moisture Loss
Hyaluronic Can Hold 1000 Times It's Own Weight In Water
How Do I Use It ?
After Cleansing & Toning ( Try Our Cleansing Balm or Cleansing Oil Followed 
With The Organic Floral Water Skin Toners Are Great ) 
Apply A Layer Onto Clean Skin Where Required, 
You May Experience Some Slight Tightening of The Skin As It Quickly Dries & Plumps Up The Skin
You May Either Leave On It's Own, Dries Matte.
Or If  Required Apply Your Favourite Moisturiser If You Wished To Help Doubly Lock In The Moisture
Depending On Your Skins Age & Needs.
You Can Add Your Moisturiser Straight On Top, Or At Night Leave It Alone For An Hour To Work Alone
Before Applying My Moisturiser Before Bed, Or Use It On It's Own In The Morning You Find What Works For You.
Can Be Used Morning & Night.
Eye Safe
You Can Also Apply Any Facial Oils On Top Of Your Serum, But They Must Go Under Your Oils Based Serums & Creams.
TOP TIP, WET SKIN ?  If You Suffer From Dry Skin, Or Flaky Patches On Your Face, 
Try Using On A Wet Or Damp Face.
If You Are Using The Rollerball Insert I Would Dispense - Roll Hyaluronic Onto Your Fingers First Them Apply To Damp Skin.
After Toning Your Face Or Spritzing / Splash Your Face With Floral Water, Or Even Water From The Tap, 
Then Immediately Apply Your Hyaluronic Acid Gel Straight Onto Your Damp Skin,
 It Will Still Dries Quickly While Locking In Moisture On The Skin.
Alternatively, Wet/ Soak A Cotton Pad, With Floral Water Toner, or Water.
Then Add One Some Of Serum Onto The Middle Of The Cotton Pad, Spread Out With Your Finger,
Then Wipe Cotton Pad Over The Required Areas, 
This Is A Very Good Method Of Application & Looking Moisture In.
You Will Receive Your Hyaluronic Acid Gel With A White Cap On & Plastic Rollerball Insert Separate In A Clear Tab Top Bag,
You Then May Choose Whether To Add Your Rollerball Insert & Put Your Finger Over The Top & Turn Bottle Up To Dispense Onto Your Finger.
To Use The Rollerball Just Push Quite Hard Using The Palm Of Your Hand Onto The Glass Bottle,
Please Be Aware Once Your Have Inserted The Roller It Will be Difficult To Remove, Although Possible.
Or Have 2 One Rollerball & 1 Without.
You Can Also Add This Active Into Your Water Based Skincare, Like Creams I Would Advise No More Than 2-5ml Per 100ml Product, 
Or It Can Split Your Cream.
This Will Not Mix With Oil Based Serums, Only Water Based Skincare.
If You Add It To Any Unpreserved Floral Waters Like Ours You Will Need To Add A Preservative 
Oil Free, Paraben Free, Glycol Free, Silicone Free, Unscented & Fragrance Free
Aqua ( water )  Sodium Hyaluronate (  Hyaluronic Acid ) , Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin ( Preservatives )
Cost ~
10ml Clear Glass Bottle & Separate Rollerball Insert £6.95
Larger 15ml & 30ml Airless Pump Bottles Are Also Available.
We Also Have A Hyaluronic Acid Serums With Seaweed Derived Collagen Natural Peptide 10ml £6.50
& Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Matrixyl 3000 Peptide In 10ml £6.95 
Plus A Fine Line & Upper Lip Plumper For £7.95
I Also Have Hyaluronic Acid Face Creams & Face Lotions.
Try Our Organic Rose Floral Water Skin Toner Blended With 5% Hyaluronic Acid In.
Handmade In The UK By Earth Minerals
Try Our Moisturiser With Collagen, Hyaluronic, DMAE, Matrixyl Peptide & Vitamin A
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