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Pure Organic Floral Water / Hydrolats Skin Toners

Pure Organic Floral Waters Which Are Used As A Facial Skin Toners After Cleansing / Cleaning The Skin. Floral Waters Are Also Known As Hydrolats / Hydrosols.
Soothing To The Skin, They Stimulate The Regeneration Of The Skin's Cells, Are Hydrating And Refreshing To The Skin And Are Beautifully Naturally Fragrant.
Floral Waters Are The By-Product Of Producing The Essential Oil Of Which The Floral Water Is Derived From, And Is The Water From The Steam Distillation Process. Which Are Used To Extract The Precious Essential Ois. Floral Waters Hold Some Of The Same Therapeutic Properties Of The Essential Oils Of Which They Come From.
We Only Use Naturally Derived Floral Waters, Which Are Pure & Natural, And Do Not Contain Any Alcohol. A 
Chemical Free & Alcohol Free Toner Which Will Help Inflamed Reddened Skin, Rosacea And Sensitive Skin, Acne Prone Or Mature Skin.
Gently Cleansing And Toning The Skin, By Nourishing And Hydrating The Skin. As A Result The Skin Will Become More Even, And Close Pores, They Will Balance The Skins pH Level.
They Can Also Be Used As A Bed Linen Spray, Room, Car  Fresher, Other Uses For Floral Waters Are, Final Hair Rinse, Soothing & Calming After Shaving, Laundry Spray & Can Also Be Used In Your Iron When Ironing.  But Mostly Appreciated As Pure & Natural Facial Skin Toners.

Current Floral Waters Are Bulgarian Rose, Neroli Orange Blossom, Lavender, Lavender & Bulgarian Rose, Bulgarian Rose & Neroli Orange Blossom, English Chamomile, Tea Tree, And Witch Hazel Floral Water.

In A Choice Of Clear Or Blue PET Plastic Recyclable Bottles,  Or Blue Or Brown Glass Bottles.

UK Delivery Is Per Total Order Not Each Item £3.95

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